Virtual Fun, Drinking Fun and a Blow Fish


So far, I’ve finished about half of my book tour with Walker Author Tours. I’ve been having a lot of fun. Today, Cindy Gunnin posted a review of Celeste that made my day. I also got an interview posted by Mary Beth Magee, which is really quite… I don’t know. It made me feel… well, like she was talking about someone else. I guess I don’t really see myself the way others see me. I know I’m a survivor. I know I fight and struggle and keep on going, but I just don’t see myself in the same light as this interview made me feel. I read it and thought, “Man, I’d like to meet that person.”

Isn’t it strange how we do that to ourselves? I dunno… being an author, I’ve long known that people would talk about me (and my stories) who didn’t know me. I accepted that it wouldn’t all be roses, and it hasn’t been. I’ve been slammed–both as an author and as a person–and for some reason, that’s always easier to take than when they say the nice things. I really suck at taking a compliment, but I’ve gotten better than in my past. In my past, I would argue with people who said nice things about me. Now, I simply accept it and smile and gratiously (I hope) accept the compliment.

I learned a while back that I can also say, “I’m very glad you think so…” and be telling the truth! Ha! But it is true. I AM glad someone thinks so, even if I cannot always feel the same.

Please stop by both those links and leave comments for the bloggers. They are awesome for doing what they do for authors with little to no compensation for themselves. They deserve comment love, at the very least.

I’ve also put up a very short excerpt of ABDUCTED on Lilah Harding’s blog here. I am really looking forward to releasing this one. Lilah also will put up a saucy little interview with me later in the tour. I think I have a couple more interviews coming up, in fact.

I have a few more guest blogs coming up too, but for now, this one is up on Writer’s Sanctuary, entitled: The Nature of Reality.

Kathy’s blog has a great review of Celeste and we can stay tuned to her blog for a guest blog post, I think… uhm, tomorrow? Yes, I think it’s tomorrow.

You can read all the upcoming posts and reviews and interviews by clicking this link and visiting each of them as they post. Our Facebook event has been updating as well, so you can keep up there.

It’s been a fun experience. I’m really enjoying answering the interview questions, thinking about the posts I want to make, etc.

If you’re looking for a fun way to promote your book, consider a tour like this. Walker Author Tours is my first virtual book tour, and I’m really pleased with the results thus far. Jennifer will definitely ‘walk’ your book around the web. You can visit their website here.

Remember, one lucky person will win a free copy of every ebook I have published right now. Five lucky winners will win an advanced copy of ABDUCTED, before the public gets to read it. All you have to do to enter is read the blog posts and leave a comment. One entry per comment per blog. Good luck to everyone!

I really hope you enjoy my novellas as much as I enjoyed writing them.

As for other news, I’ve been feeling lousy and sleeping most of the day, my fault really. I drank way too much last night. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking–‘drinking’ has a whole different meaning for me. I’m actually referring to water. Yes, just water. My fluids are restricted to 2 liters per day, and I drank way more than that last night and as a result, I end up retaining fluids, swelling up like a big blow fish and feeling generally miserable. I know better. I know what a difference fluid restriction makes in how I feel. I still do stupid things sometimes, and yesterday was a stupid one. I’m feeling a little better tonight, but can’t even sleep more than an hour before waking to run to the bathroom and pee and pee and pee. Ah, life is fun! LOL

I feel old now when I realize that ‘drinking too much’ means water, not booze, and spending the day in bed means ‘sleeping’ and not other things you can do in bed… my, how life has changed.

And yet, I still feel blessed to be alive, to be writing, to be able to enjoy the reviews my novellas are getting. This has been fun. I can’t wait to do it again with another book in the future!

For now, I’m signing off and running to the bathroom to pee… again! Maybe I’ll get more than an hour’s sleep at a time this time.

Good night, all.

Love and stuff,



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One Response to “Virtual Fun, Drinking Fun and a Blow Fish”

  1. Farah says:

    It is so difficult for me to understand how water can be so bad. Of course, I know it’s your special condition, but still, it seems so unfair. (and you love water) I mean, water, the safest, best, most healthiest, most required drink in the world, actually hurts you in the same quantities that are recommended to others. My brain is still working on that one. lol

    I’m so sorry you had a bad day, and I hope you feel awesome real soon. (((BIG HUG)))

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