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As you can imagia-to-z-letters-mne, I take a lot of medication with so many health conditions. I don’t want that much medication. I really have a goal to get off some of this medication soon, but we’ll see how that goes.

So right now, for all the conditions I’m dealing with, I’m currently taking the following:




Morning Meds:

  1. 120 mg. Lasix / furosemide (for congestive heart failure)
  2. 4 mg. Prednisone / steroids (for adrenal insufficiency)
  3. 300 mg. clindamycin (for sytemic infection)
  4. 120 mg. Armour Thyroid (for hypothyroidism)
  5. 15 mg. Armour Thyroid (for hypothyroidism)
  6. 5 mg. Enalapril (for congestive heart failure, to stop vessel remodeling)
  7. 50 mg. metoprolol (for high heart rate, to help with breathing recovery for PAH/CTEPH)
  8. Ferulsol Iron  (for iron-deficient anemia)

And sometimes a pain pill, if I’m having a bad day first thing in the morning. This is just my morning dosages. Next, around 10-11 in the morning, I take my mid-morning medication.

Mid-Morning Meds:

  1. Potassium supplement
  2. Vitamin D supplement (on Saturdays only, once per week)
  3. CoQ10 / Ubiquinol supplement
  4. Calcium supplement

Then around 3pm, it’s time to take my afternoon meds. I have to take these by three, or else I’ll be up all night long peeing like crazy!

Afternoon Meds:

  1. 120 mg. Lasixmeds
  2. 2.5 mg. Prednisone
  3. Ferulsol Iron

Then the evening meds are taken at 8pm.

Evening Meds:

  1. 50mg Metoprolol
  2. 7.5 coumadin every other day, 10 coumadin every other day

Nighttime Meds:

  1. 300-1200mg (depending on need) gabapentin

I take other medications now and again, for different things that come up, but those are usually short term. Like when I take an antibiotic for an infection, or when they had me take a heartburn medication to see if it stopped a pain I was having (it didn’t) before they decided to do more expensive testing. When my sciatica is acting up, I’ll take gabapentin during the day up to four times per day too. I also have vicodin I can take occasionally for pain when I need it.

This list is down from when I was first released from the hospital. When I first got out of the hospital, I was taking aspirin, another heart med they took me off of, something to help with sleep, an acid reflux pill, some other iron stuff… and over the years, the past four years or so, I’ve tried so many medications to treat symptoms–never figuring out what was wrong, just treating symptoms, like chasing a ghost– including Nuvigil, Provigil, Vicoprofen, Bystolic, Amitryptilene, cellebrex, cymbalta, savella, and many more… I hope I spelled those right. Probably not.

My monthly medication cost right now is about $240 per month, bare minimum. Then it costs to rent my oxygen and breathing equipment too, both of which I have to have a prescription for.

Crazy. Expensive.

And there’s no way anyone can tell me this medication is GOOD for me. And yet at the same time, I can’t come off of this medication either. I feel like every time I went in with a symptom, looking for a condition that could be causing it, instead, I got a pill thrown at it. Without insurance, this is expensive too.

That’s why I’ve been looking into a more hollistic and healthy approach to all this. I won’t just stop taking my meds, but I am hoping to wean off of some of them. I’m trying to do an all-natural organic diet. I’m adding good stuff to my life, and keeping and re-embracing the good things already in my life.

I plan to kick this health stuff… I really do. But right now, my short-term goal, is to drop some of these chemicals rushing through my body, put there in an effort to keep me healthy. Just somehow doesn’t make sense, at a very basic level, does it?

Love and stuff,



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3 Responses to “M is for Medicine”

  1. Derek Odom says:

    Good golly, woman, you know about some pills!

  2. Heather says:

    Jeesh! Stopping by from A to Z. I can’t imagine. I just. Wow.

    First of all, I would like to say how much I admire your attitude. Second, I’ve had PE and can empathize with some of what you are going through. I was on coumadin for eight years until I had enough and begged my doctor to help me find a better way. He wouldn’t and so I stopped seeing him, researched and found a regiment of vitamins and supplements that I currently take to help control the clotting. I also make sure to move around and am hyper aware of all my body signs. I’ve been off coumadin for about 2.5 years and haven’t had a problem.

  3. Margareta says:

    Wow, Michelle! That;s some shit you are going through. I am familiar with some of that stuff. Both my husband and myself have gone through some stuff and still are. But we are so blessed with such great doctors. I wish you the very best.

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