In the Hospital, Heart Catheterization, Day Two


So I checked into the hospital last night. Got here about 8pm. We brought sandwiches from Schlotzky’s with jalapeno kettle chips. Not my usual fare, but it’s what I wanted. I had to eat it quick, because they wouldn’t let me eat after midnight. I even had a lemonade. I like lemonade, but my homemade lemonade, made with lemon, raw honey and a pinch of cayenne–well, nothing beats that.

So… I live at home and everything is great, no home health, do my own thing, etc. The heart cath was supposed to be done outpatient today. Come in the morning, do the procedure, and then go into recovery and then go home. Same day, in and out. But the hematologist says he doesn’t want me to not be on blood thinners at all. So okay, check into the hospital the night before, and when I would usually take my Lovenox (blood thinner injection), I would instead go on IV heparin. I’m not sick. There’s nothing wrong with me. The right-heart cath is diagnostic only, so there’s really no need for anything fancy–just heparin IV and let me sleep until it’s time to go get the cath done.

But noooooo……..

That would have been too easy. Nope. They have to do an EKG. Then they have to put the heart telemetry on me, you know, like the holter monitor? yeah… stupid heart telemetry. And then they put these signs up on the door “Fall Risk”… I haven’t fallen in like, forever, so uhm, why am I a fall risk? And NPO–what? Are they afraid someone is going to sneak food in to me? Even if they did, do you think a lay person would know that NPO means nothing by mouth? And then the other one, my favorite, “FLUID RESTRICTION”—really? The entire freaking world needs to know I’m fluid restricted? I’ve been that way for years and years folks. I get it.

Then they bring the stupid ‘hat’ into the bathroom. You know, that thing they stick in the toilet to measure how much you pee. That’s such a degrading stupid thing, that you can’t even go pee without someone watching you and measuring how much you put out.

If I were acute, I would put up with all this shit without any complaint. But I’m not. I’m chronic and stable right now. I wouldn’t be having the heart cath if I weren’t stable. So why are they doing all the uncomfortable and stupid tests on me?


I did end up with a potassium increase and a magnesium IV along with the heparin. I guess while I’m here, they might was well top off the tank, right? I wasn’t really even flagged low. It was just in the low range. So better safe than sorry, I guess.

So the docs came in this morning and talked to me about the procedure and got my signature on all the necessary forms. I feel like I signed my life away, but they refused to take my firstborn. I tried. I tried hard! (sorry, Kaira!)

They also reiterated that they will not be using any sedation for the procedure. Yeah, don’t tell me that. That just makes my anxiety go through the roof. I have a long story I’ll tell on my blog when I have more time, but there’s a reason these procedures scare me so much. My anxiety is super bad about this stuff. The doc did say there would be anti-anxiety meds available if I really needed them. We’ll see.

There have been a few missteps along the way. There always are. For example, they ordered fluids for me, when I’m not supposed to have any fluids, so I questioned it and the doc took it off the order. They brought in a medication I wasn’t supposed to have and forgot a med I was supposed to have. But overall, they are doing much better this time than usual. Of course, I’m not sick and I’m here for a procedure and it’s before that procedure, so I’m feeling fine and paying attention. I do wonder about patients who just do what the nurses and techs say and never question anything. I also think the telemetry and the other stuff is all so they can bill my insurance, and not because I really need it.

But the plan is, if everything goes well, I WILL get to go home today. Wish me luck. I really, REALLY want to go home today!

I miss my birdie. I miss my doggie. I miss my beddie. I miss my…. well, I miss home. Oh, and food. I totally miss food. I have had to watch all the meal carts go by outside my doorway. I can smell the breakfast in the hallway. The worst part was last night around 4 am, someone popped microwave popcorn–oh, how my belly wanted some popcorn!

I’m on the 9th floor of the hospital, with a fantastic view of the Galveston city water tower. Ain’t that grand?

Anyhoo, love you all. I’ll be back after the cath and let you all know how it goes, as soon as I’m able to sit up and speak again–because I intend to go a little bit crazy and pass out or bang my head against the wall until I’m unconscious before they do the procedure.

ya’ll keep me in your thoughts, and I’ll keep you all in mine. Have a great day!

Love and stuff,



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