I Need a Tune-Up


You know how we take our cars into the mechanic and we get an oil change, fluid check and top off, and a fluid flush and refill? Well, apparently, the other day, I had to do this, but I had to do it for my body. I was admitted to the hospital on Thursday, and while there, discovered I was pretty dehydrated–they had to give me magnesium and potassium via IV… it’s a good thing cars don’t feel things, ’cause if oil changes burned like fire the way magnesium and potassium do in the veins, there would be a lot less pollution in the world. I also learned I was still anemic, only a lot worse than I was the last time we checked. My hemoglobin was around 9–which isn’t like emergency low or anything, but considering I have breathing conditions that have to do with oxygen saturation in the blood… well, less oxygen carrying blood is never a good thing to add to that. We’re wondering why they didn’t choose to do a transfusion–but I’ve got a feeling if the numbers don’t go up soon (or worse, if they go down more), I’ll have no choice but to get a transfusion. The good news on that is that I am supposed to feel better almost instantly when that happens. The bad news is that there are some risks with blood transfusions that concern me.

I got to speak with the hematology team while I was in the hospital, and that was a great thing. I’ve been wanting to talk to someone in hematology for nearly two years now, but my docs didn’t want to give me the referral (and for insurance, you have to have the referral). It’s strange to me how some of the specialties want to keep patients all to themselves, but sadly, that’s not always the best way to handle things. I’m seeking a referral to a cardiologist too–I have congestive heart failure–I realize it’s caused by pulmonary conditions, but I still have heart failure–and I should be seeing a cardiologist, not a pulmonologist, for this condition.

And the fact I’m still throwing clots after three years on therapeutic levels of coumadin/warfarin–well, it’s time to find out why it’s happening. Especially since I have an IVC filter in place and I am on a higher than normal level of coumadin… there’s no reason for me to be throwing new clots. And I worry, a lot, because with each new clot, the more likely I am to throw another clot, and the more likely I am to drop dead from it. Or if I don’t drop dead, then I have to live with the fear that I’ll constantly damage my heart and lungs, over and over again, until eventually they can’t hold out. None of these are good things.

I go in for an MRI on Tuesday and then back to my primary care provider on Thursday and then to hematology next week and to the endo the week after that, and then to the pulmonologist after that and somewhere in there, the sleep specialist too. And then the neurologist, if we can find one… why is it so hard to find a neurologist? Are they rare or something?

So I guess this last hospital stay was just a tune-up. I went in, let them kick the tires, fill up my fluids, and change the oil filter. I just wish they’d put new oil in me so I could feel better. Anemia, real, severe anemia, makes you tired… I’m tired of being tired.

But I do have a nice collection of bruises on my arms from all the blood draws. Lovely. Just lovely.

Love and stuff,



This is the heart telemetry they made me wear while I was in the hospital. It’s sort of like a holter monitor, if anyone has ever heard of one of those. That way, if I drop dead, they’ll know right away and can come in and point and laugh at me… I mean, (ahem), try to revive me. It also monitors the heart rate and checks for PVCs and irregular heartbeat and all that jazz.

If you look close in the background, you’ll see Presidnt Fitz from the show Scandal on the TV. He’s pretty hot. I like that show. One of the very few I watch on a regular basis.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I can barely type tonight because of the neuropathy but I am pressing thru it. Ha. I know how you feel. I was told in 2007 that I had maybe 5 years to live. I press thru. I am praying for you. Press thru this the best you can. The weakness sucks but rest when you can. Sleep and don’t do heavy work. Most of all Know God. Take care. I will be reading more. Thanks for sharing. I really feel badly that I didn’t know this sooner.

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