9/4 Cold Sweat


So day two of waking in pain, or is it day three? Who knows any more. The days run together when the pain is bad. At least this time, the pain is responding to the pain pills, but it takes several hours before they kick in enough to really function, and then they only last for an hour or two before it goes away and the pain comes back in. This morning, I woke shivering. I came into the living room and shivered all morning, under two blankets and sipping hot green matcha tea (it’s good for you!)

So I took my meds, cuddled up under the blankies sand waited. Eventually, the warm came and now, here I am three hours later, sweating so badly I’m soaked like I just got out of the pool. This is insane. I don’t understand why this happens, but that’s how it is. When the meds start wearing off again, I’ll start getting stiff and cold again.

There was a cryo-gobulin vasculatitis test that my doc wanted me to do a while back, but we had to go to Galveston to do it, and I never made it over there before the lab order expired. I’ve been doing some reading about it. I’m now wondering if I should have gone and done the test. It might explain the pain I talked about in my last blog post. It might not. But it might.

Ack, hope is a bad thing. It really is. It builds me up thinking maybe I could finally get some answers, and I always end up let down. Test after lab test turns out negative. Will this one to? I don’t know. (more…)

Mornings Frequently Suck 9/3


I woke in a lot of pain this morning. It’s one of those mornings that happens once in a while with me that no doctor has ever been able to explain. When it happens, I’m in so much pain I’m literally trembling, my hands shaking, unable to stand or move or even really think. Those who have seen me in this condition say my speech is also slurred during this time, but it’s hard for me to know, because I can’t even think when I’m like that. I can’t get to a doctor when I’m like that either, because I never know what’s bringing it on, when it will happen or how long it will last. Even if I could somehow get my brain to work during those times, I’d have no ability to get up, get dressed, call a doctor, get an immediate appointment and then get to the office all before the pain either goes away again–and that’s assuming I can get to the doc the same day, a rare occurrence, if if could even happen at all.

And then what? So the doctor sees me like that, but they schedule testing, and it’s not like I can make it happen on the spur of the moment so that I’m in a flareup during the test.

Sigh. (more…)

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