L is for Live, Learn, Laugh, Love


a-to-z-letters-lSitting on the bookshelf in our bedroom, you’ll find three full shelves of books. Above those, you’ll find two shelves of curios. Little things, like candles, fans, dolls, trinkets. You know, girly stuff. One of the things you’ll find there is a set of candles, in a wooden tray. On that tray, there is writing in front of each candle that reads: Live, Learn, Laugh, Love.

This is how I want to live my life. These are the four words that go with me everywhere I go. This, plus one extra word, is the recipe for having a fulfilling life, no matter how long or short it is in this realm.

When I’m getting down, when I’m feeling stressed, I can come back to these four words, plus the one ultimate word, and see what is missing and reset the balance in my life.

Let’s look at the four words and then I’ll reveal the one ultimate word. (more…)

K is for Potassium–No, really it is!


a-to-z-letters-kSome of you might remember in high school that they taught us the elements charts and chemical symbols for different things. K is the chemical symbol for potassium. There’s a reason for this, that I won’t even get into, but I’m told it has something to do with Greek or Latin or something.

When I was hospitalized in 2007 with septicemia, I was found to be potassium deficient. They gave me these big honking horse pills every day. Then, when I was checked out, they didn’t give me any to take home. But when I went to the doc a few weeks later for followup, he gave me some to take home. Was on them for about a year, then got off them. Then, after being hospitalized for congestive heart failure and the pulmonary embolisms a couple of years ago, they put me on Lasix. Lasix depletes potassium, so I now have to take TWO big horse pills every day, because just the one great big huge horse pill still has me in low levels of potassium. (more…)

J is for Jumbled


a-to-z-letters-jWhen I first learned I had congestive heart failure, my mind was a jumble. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t make sense of anything. To me, the words ‘heart failure’ sound pretty serious. You only have one heart. I’m a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, the television show, one of the very few I watch, and there was a guy on Grey’s who had just died of congestive heart failure. I had just seen an episode of Dr. Oz where a woman was looking for her biological mother and she had learned her mother had died a few years early from congestive heart failure.

So my only real experiences or understanding of congestive heart failure at the time they told me I had it was that people die from it. I knew nothing else. (more…)

I is for Internet


a-to-z-letters-iOne of the things that is so different for me now than years ago when I was in the hospital giving birth to my kids, is that we now have free internet in the hospital. Granted, when I had my kidlets, 25 and 18 years ago, things were a lot different in hospitals to begin with. With my daughter, I was super sick and was in the hospital for about three days after she was born. With my son, he was born Saturday morning and by Sunday morning, they were kicking me out. I felt great after he was born; not so much with my girl. Anyway, point being, there was no internet at the hospitals back then. We weren’t allowed to use cellphones in the hospital then either (not that cellphones were all that common when my daughter was born–I think my dad had one of those huge, noisy bag phones, you know, that was the size of a big purse?) (more…)

H is for High NT-ProBNP Results


a-to-z-letters-hI suppose that when someone is sick, going to the doctor and getting a test done, then waiting for that test result, is one of the most frustrating wait times of your life. Besides waiting to see if the stick turns the right color or has the right number of lines when you think you might be pregnant, there’s no other wait time that’s probably as nerve-wracking. Well, I say that, but I bet when a guy asks a girl to marry him and she doesn’t answer within 2 seconds, that’s probably pretty crazy scary for the guy too. That’s why girls should ask guys. We are much more patient (wink). Not.

Okay, so today’s post is about BNP. High BNP. Why? Because I went to the doctor yesterday and he tested my BNP levels, and I was high. So for you to understand what this means, let me see if I can go back in time. (more…)

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