Q is for Ventilation Perfusion–huh?


a-to-z-letters-qI know, you’re confused as to why the letter Q on the A-Z challenge is for ventilation perfusion, right? Well, I was sort of confused when I learned the name of the medical test that the ventilation perfusion was called by the docs as a V/Q scan. I get that the V is for ventilation, but what’s the Q for? Why isn’t it a V/P scan? I’m sure I could look it up, but I’m too lazy right now.

This test is an interesting test. It’s part of nuclear medicine. When I got to take this test, which I’ve had done twice now and I need done one more time at least, I have to go to the hospital and into a concrete basementy area. In this place, they have radiation detector badges, rings, and machines that check things. If they take trash out, they have to scan the trash with their machine and make sure it doesn’t beep, or they can’t take it out. If their badge or ring turns black, they aren’t allowed to work in that area any more for a specific period of time, because their exposure was too high. (more…)

P is for Priorities


a-to-z-letters-pI am way behind on the A-Z blog challenge, in part because of my word for the next letter, P. Priorities. There are just things that have come first, from an entire day lost in front of the television because of the Boston Marathon bombings, then another day reading and watching the stuff on the explosion in West. Then my bestie has been sick and I’ve not been feeling well, and I’m behind on some stuff I’ve been needing and wanting to do… and it just comes down to this: I have had other things that have taken priority over finishing this challenge.

I do, however, intend to finish it, even if I’m slow getting over the finish line. (more…)

O is for Osteopath


a-to-z-letters-oA doctor of osteopathic medicine is slightly different from a doctor with a ‘regular’ MD degree. I bet you have met an osteopathic doctor and didn’t even know it, and yet, if I ask most people if they know what an osteopath is, they think it’s either a new age thing or it’s a doctor who works on bones (that’s an orthopedist, if you’re wondering).

Osteopathy is a perfectly normal educational plan for docs and in the United States, it’s considered identical in every way to an MD for practicing medicine. However, the practice of medicine is ever so slightly different, as is the education of these osteopathic doctors. The main difference is that osteopaths are supposed to be more interested in how the body works together as a whole, more than the individualized sub-specialties that only care about their little organ or part of the body. (more…)

N is for Negative


In many worlds, the word ‘negative’ is, well, negative. It’s bad. It’s wrong. It’s not positive. If your bank account is negative, that’s not a good thing. When the temperatures are in the nega-to-z-letters-native numbers, that’s freaking cold–too cold to go outside! But when it comes to medical test results, negative should be a good thing, right! Well, not always…

Let me explain. (more…)

M is for Medicine


As you can imagia-to-z-letters-mne, I take a lot of medication with so many health conditions. I don’t want that much medication. I really have a goal to get off some of this medication soon, but we’ll see how that goes.

So right now, for all the conditions I’m dealing with, I’m currently taking the following: (more…)

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