Bleeding From My Ears


So I’ve been having trouble getting my Coumadin levels straightened out. For some reason, the finger poke testing doesn’t work on me. It always makes me much higher than what I really am, so they poke my finger, then wait for the results, and then they always make me go to the lab to have a draw done. Well, I’m supposed to be between a 2-3, and last time, I tested on the finger poke at 7.2. Seven… I’d be bleeding from my ears if I was really a seven. So they sent me to the lab, which draw the PT/INR, and my results came back the next day at 4.9. Which is still WAY too high. But my bruises are finally going away, and the blood draw they did did not make a bruise, and I always bruise, even before I had Coumadin.

The only conclusion I can come to is that for some reason my blood work is not accurate. So now we’re looking for reasons why my blood work might be off, or reasons why my levels would actually go UP when we REDUCED the dosage. Doc is afraid I’m not metabolizing properly… but how do we determine that? It’s been one month now, so I know that’s not enough time to be too worried about this, but we’re pretty certain I’ve already thrown another clot. My heart will not heal from the damage done if I keep throwing clots, and each time I do throw a clot, it means I could die. Like, you know, instant, sudden, unexpected death. So if the blood work is wrong and my levels are really lower than they are showing, I’m at risk for dying from a thrown clot. If my blood work is right and it’s really that high, then I’m at risk of dying from bleeding out internally. (more…)

Going to the Hospital? Read This First!


I learned a lot of interesting things this time when I was in the hospital. I spent a week there, and that’s a long time to be away from home, from your own bed, from your own bathroom and from your pets and family. I was lucky, since this hospital had free wireless internet. I mean, for me, the internet is life. Unfortunately, I slept so much and was subjected to so many tests and procedures that I didn’t have a lot of time to be on the internet. I felt a bit disconnected. Too tired to talk on the phone. With the IV stuck in my left thumb, it was nearly impossible to type. The last three days I was there, they did manage to get the IV put in a different location, near my wrist, which wasn’t comfortable and I had to be careful not to bend my wrist and lose the IV or poke it through my skin, but it did allow me to type a little bit.


And Then I Almost Died…


DISCLAIMER/LENGTH WARNING: It’s taken me a long time to write this post. I’ve had to deal with a lot of emotion to get to the point of being able to look at this and my life in the new way I now must look at it. I feel blessed and cursed at this point, and waffle between them, and mostly I’ve been numb. The numbness begins to wear of, and this post is what results. Bear with me, please. This is important stuff to me, though it might be totally boring to you. Thanks for allowing me the venue to purge it though.


That right there, I want you all to use as a writing prompt, or whenever you read this… I mean it. Say anything you want, and then when you’re finished saying it, say, “And then I almost died…” and then I want you to write what comes after that. For example:

I went to the grocery store and bought a gallon of milk. I was ready to come home, but then, on the way there, I almost died… (more…)

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